• Past Events

    What is Bitcoin? Why should I care?


    David Zarge, Duke '18

    2/13, 6PM

    Understanding Blockchain


    Dhruv Luthra, Duke '18

    2/20, 6PM

    IBM Presents: Enterprise Blockchain

    Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow and Vice President Blockchain Technologies

    2/27, 6PM

    Cryptocurrency Comparison and Investing Basics


    David Zarge, Duke '18

    3/6, 6PM

    Cryptoventures and the Law

    Zeeve Rose and Sean Semmler, Duke Law School

    3/27, 6PM

    Scaling Solutions

    Dhruv Lutha, Duke '18

    4/3, 6PM

    Tech Dive

    Chris Sides, Duke '19

    4/10, 6PM

  • DBL Lecture Series, Spring 18

    Bringing blockchain education and industry to the Duke community

  • What

    The Duke Blockchain Lab is hosting a Lecture Series this spring where we’ll be exploring several topics in the blockchain space and bringing in outside speakers to share their industry perspectives.


    The first two introductory talks are intended for anyone in the Duke community and requires little to no previous knowledge. These talks will present the information necessary to better understand the latter Technical and Non-Technical components of the series.

    When and Where


    6-7PM (Specific times may vary by date)

    Schiciano Auditorium


  • Logistics

    Schiciano Auditorium (EQuad across from Twinnies)

    Tuesdays, 6-7PM


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    Email us at dukeblockchainlab@gmail.com

  • Technical Topics

    Smart Contracts: Coding on the Ethereum Blockchain

    Tech Dives: Consensus Algorithms, Scaling Solutions, Lightning Network

    Non-technical Topics

    Cryptocurrency Comparison

    Trading Cryptocurrenies

    Blockchain Applications

    Blockchain Regulation

  • Past Speakers

    Jameson Lopp- Novermber 20th, 2017, 7:30pm, LSRC D106

    Bio: Software Engineer at BitGo, Inc. and creator of Statoshi.



    Speaking as part of our house course about recent forks, perspectives on Bitcoin, the roadmap to scaling, and more.

    Speaking as Part of Cam Harvey's Innovation and Cryptoventures Course, Fall 2017

    Corresponding lectures found under the About Blockchain section.

    • David Treat (Accenture): 4:15 PM on February 3 (Webcast)
    • Balaji Srinivasan (21.co): 4:15 PM on February 10 (Webcast
    • Amber Baldet (JP Morgan Blockchain Center): 3:00 PM on February 14 (Webcast)
    • Fred Ehrsam (Coinbase): 4:15 PM on February 14 (Webcast)
    • Matt Higginson (McKinsey): 3:00 PM on February 17 (Webcast)
    • Tim Swanson (R3): 3:00 PM on February 21 (Webcast)
    • Joe Lubin (ConsenSys): 3:00 PM on February 24 (Webcast)

    Dinner with Jesse Grushack (CEO of Ujo Music) - April 12th, 7pm-8pm, The Loop

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    Bio: Jesse is a graduate from Union College with a degree in Computer Science and Economics. Throughout school, Jesse found an equally strong passion for electronic music and crypto currencies leading to a senior editor position at DancingAstronuat.com when he was just a Sophomore. As Bitcoin was still an emerging technology when it was time to secure a summer internship, Jesse decided to enter the music industry at ID&T North America where he spent two months as the managing director of marketing for TomorrowWorld. After Union, Jesse went on to work for SFX Entertainment, managing cashless payment technology and access control at live events; in addition to conducting research into the future of visitor event identification. Jesse left SFX in December 2014 determined to find another company that promised to make a difference in the world. In the beginning of 2015, Jesse found ConsenSys and immediately got involved in the unnamed music project. Fast forward almost two years and Ujo Music is currently developing blockchain + music infrastructure.

    Ethereum Crash Course - March 25th, 10am-4pm, Gross Hall 250

    Register by March 22nd. Link here.


    Ever wanted to gain practical knowledge about blockchains and actually build applications? Here's your chance!

    This half-day crash course will focus on explaining the proof-of-stake (as opposed to proof-of-work used by Bitcoin) algorithm for securing the Ethereum blockchain and providing a step-by-step tutorial on building your first smart contract using the ConsenSys framework and APIs.


    For more information and a detailed schedule, go to the Crash Course page.

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