• Ethereum Developer Series

    The Duke Blockchain Lab is undergoing designing and teaching a series of projects and tutorials aimed at getting students developer experience in the blockchain ecosystem.

    Ethereum Smart Contract

    Deploying and Interacting With an Ethereum Smart Contract

    This first project is a small window into how smart contract and dApp development works. The tutorial is aimed at understanding how smart contracts and the Ethereum platform differ from traditional technology stacks, in addition to gaining some basic experience in creating, deploying, and interacting with a simple smart contract. Download the tutorial here.

    Solidity Basics Tutorial

    Learning to code basic contracts with Solidity

    The Solidity basics tutorial aims at covering the topics developers need to understand to begin working with a language including: data types, file structures, control structures, functions, contracts, and some Solidity specifics.

    Spring 2018 Final Project

    Wrap up the end of the semester with a final individual project.

    The final project is aimed to be a more individual process than the past tutorials. It will be one multi-week project culminating in a complete, functioning demo of a smart contract based application. The project will include token creation, features of blockchain development, and should demonstrate an understanding of the advantages of the Ethereum Virtual Network

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