• Blockchain Infrastructure for the Energy Grid

    A Duke Blockchain Lab initiative in coordination with Pratt School of Engineering and a private industry hydroelectric company. 

    Hydroelectric Energy

    Clean power with new distribution opportunities.

    Renewable energy sources are the future. Exploring the benefits of a blockchain based infrastructure helps eliminate inefficiencies, educate students, and provide valuable insights to interested industry parties. We embarked on a mission to provide business and blockchain ecosystem advice as well as technical experience to partner with our industry contact. The Duke Blockchain Lab is currently underway in designing and implementing a system to support the future energy needs of both business and consumer.

    Blockchain Hardware as a service

    Renting out mining equipment and servicing as a business model.

    As part of the project, students are researching innovative solutions and business models enabled by the blockchain infrastructure that may have been infeasible or difficult under existing systems. One interesting offering is the potential to rent out mining equipment to potential investors, providing the equipment, energy, and maintenance for a fee while giving the investor the mining rewards.

  • Join the project!

    The Duke Blockchain Lab is dedicated to the education and involvement of all interested students. Please reach out even just to learn more about the project and progress. No experience is needed, and student engagement of all levels is welcome and encouraged.


    Email: dukeblockchainlab@gmail.com

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