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    Wed 9/5: The Millionaires of Blockchain

    Meet some of the Biggest Names in Crypto on Campus

    6pm Hudson Hall 125
    Come introduce yourself! Our new exec team has all the answers to your questions about blockchain. What is it? How do I get involved? Isn't this a pyramid scheme? 

    Wed 9/19: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency,
    and other Buzzwords

    6pm Social Psychology 130
    Come learn about cryptocurrencies, what makes bitcoin special, and how these technologies will make your self-driving car richer than you!

    Monday 9/24: Guest Speaker - Christian Crowley

    Data Science on the Ethereum Blockchain

    2pm Social Psychology 126

    The blockchain is quickly becoming one of the largest, transparent sources of data in the world. Duke Alumni, Christian Crowley is coming home, to explain how Alethio is revolutionizing the way that we explore, visualize, and forecast blockchain data and how this data can be used in the real world. If you're interested in learning more, check out this article and be sure to come out to hear Christian talk!

    Wed 9/26: Bitcoin is too Mainstream
    Other Cryptocurrencies for Millennials

    6pm Social Psychology 130
    Our experts are going to break down the top 3 alternatives to Bitcoin that are guaranteed to make you rich! We'll also educate you on altcoins, smart contracts, and privacy tokens.

    Wed 10/3: Blockchain for the Humanities

    Applications beyond Cryptocurrencies

    6pm Social Psychology 130
    If our get rich quick scheme isn't for you, this talk certainly is. Find out how Blockchain can change everything from Governments to Business within our lifetime!
  • House Course: Blockchain and Innovation (Spring 19)



    The Blockchain Lab is offering a formal House Course for Duke undergraduates. Focusing on blockchain technology, including an overview of cryptography, cryptocurrencies, and non-financial blockchain applications, the class hopes to educate and inspire students to explore this emerging technology.




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