• Consulting History

    The Duke Blockchain Lab provides consulting services to academic or industry partners to help educate and promote effective and appropriate use of blockchain technology.

    Columbia Energy Consulting

    Benefits of implementing blockchain infrastructure nationally.

    The lab provided educational services as well as an in depth ecosystem analysis and advice on the benefits and drawbacks of blockchain technology to a nationalized energy industry. This consulting was done through a project of the Weekend Executive MBA program offer by The Fuqua School of Business. This partnership is expected to continue for the duration of Spring 2019 at a passive engagement level.

    Hollywood.com Consulting

    Business advice on blockchain in the entertainment industry.

    While this relationship is still in it's infantile stages, the lab has provided a white-paper review, as well as business and technical advice on a wide range of entertainment industry applications of blockchain technology. Consulting is expected to continue with the lab acting as a passive resource, with potential for individual students to offer technical assistance.

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