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    Bringing Blockchain Technology to the Duke University Community

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    Learn about Blockchain from experienced faculty, industry leaders, and students!

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    Recorded Lectures from our events.

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    Curated information about Blockchain.

    Ethereum Developer Series

    Beginner tutorials for Ethereum development.

  • Incubation

    At the Duke Blockchain Lab we work everyday to come up with innovative projects
    in the blockchain and crypto space.

    Our Current Projects

    The Duke Cryptocurrency investment group provides a place for Duke students to learn more about crypto-markets and informed cryptocurrency investment strategies.

    Ethereum Staking Pool

    We have joined an Ethereum staking pool in collaboration with other colleges in the Consensys College Consortium. We are working with stakeholders to create a University-wide staking pool across the country.

    The Duke Blockchain Lab is coordinating with an industry contact to provide business and blockchain ecosystem advice as well as technical experience. The project involves designing and implementing a system to support the future energy needs of both business and consumer, focusing on helping eliminate inefficiencies and enabling new payment models.

    We are fascinated by the unique opportunities and benefits the future of blockchain holds. We are
    committed to unlocking that potential, through innovative in-house projects, consulting services, and
    advisory support for engaged students with compelling ideas. We would love to work with you and
    achieve the future of blockchain, today.

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